Why Do Teens Start Using Drugs?

Some people think that staying drug-free is a matter of common sense, unaware of the true dangers that drug addiction brings to the sufferer. The truth is, anyone can start using drugs. It happens every day, and we see everyone from single moms and dads to lawyers and doctors turning to an illicit substance. Even teens now use drugs more than ever before.

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Teens are thought to live carefree lives free of worry or problems. It leaves even more people wondering why they’d choose to use drugs. It goes back to the common-sense idea to some people. The truth is, drug addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, at any time and if it happens, the person needs all of the love and support in the world.

Why do teens (and adults or that matter) start using drugs? There are many reasons, including:

·    Experimenting: Talk about drugs is everywhere. Parents tell teens how much drugs can hurt them while friends talk about them in a totally opposite manner. Sometimes teens try drugs simply because they want to experiment and find out what it’s like firsthand.

·    Peer Pressure: Sometimes nothing more than pressure from friends and other kids convinces a teen to try a drug. Before they realize what’s happened, they’re addicted.

·    Mental Illness: For many teens, drugs serve as a coping mechanism to help them deal with mental illness. Either they are unaware there is a problem or don’t have access to psychiatric treatment houston.

·    Family Problems: Home life isn’t as sweet and simple for some teens as it should be. It is difficult to deal with issues that no teen ever should and so, drugs provide them with a release and an escape from the problems.

Teens use drugs for many reasons, such as those above. Help is out there, however, and most teens make it past this time in their lives with flying colors and success.