Using Habits to Break Addition

Every single addition is completely based on a habit loop. No one ever wakes up and instantly becomes obese, or addicted to cigarettes, or addicted to medication. Instead, we start forming habits in the brain until they become unbreakable and we are addicted. Thankfully, if habits got people into addiction, it can get them out.

Using a habit to fight a habit is a good strategy, and it’s one of the things behavioral therapists colorado springs work on. Once you delve into what makes a habit a habit, you can apply it to your addition.

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Three Steps to A Habit

Every single habit has three things that make it a habit: A cue, craving, and a reward. First, is the cue. If someone is addicted to alcohol, and they walk by a bar at 3:00 every day, that’s their cue. The cue could be that location, the time of 3:00, or the name of the bar.

Once they get the cue, then they get the craving. Their brain knows that they are about to feed their addiction, and often times people give in to the craving and then get the reward of a dopamine hit. That’s the cycle of all addictions, and you can break it.

Changing your Behaviors

One of the easiest ways to break the habit chain is to make sure you don’t encounter it in the first place. If you know a certain time of day or location is a trigger, then you need to avoid those cues. Maybe do something else at that time of day, or simply stay away from that location.

It’ll be tough for a bit and your brain will protest the changes, but after a while, you’ll easily build new habits to replace the bad ones that fueled your addiction.