How to Avoid the Need for a Tooth Extraction

Once a tooth is damaged beyond repair, extraction is the only way to protect a person’s oral health and the remaining teeth in the mouth. Although no one wants to have a tooth removed, it protects more serious problems from occurring. If you want to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, the following tips can help ensure a beautiful smile, pearly white teeth, and no need for tooth extraction port charlotte!

Do Not Smoke

Smoking increases the risk of oral cancers. It also damages the teeth and can cause discolorations and stains. Smoking is also the second leading cause of lung cancer. Avoid smoking to stay healthy and keep your teeth at their best.

Brush Your Teeth

Twice daily tooth brushing removes tartar, plaque, and buildup from the teeth as it freshens the breath and reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease. Brush in the morning and before bed for best tooth protection.

Visit the Dentist

Everyone needs to visit the dentist at least two times per year for a dental exam. Dental exams identify potential oral health risks before they become a major threat. Visit the dentist between the two annual visits if problems occur.

Eat the Right Foods

You are what you eat-for more than one reason. Not only do the foods you eat affect your nutrition but your weight and your teeth, too. Avoid sugary sweet foods and drinks and processed foods and carbs which can all destroy the teeth. Aim to get natural foods and drink water often.

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The tips above are a few of the many ways to keep your teeth strong and healthy for the rest of our lifetime. Do not forsake the health and beauty of your teeth and aim to use this information to your benefit.