How Can I Get My Kid Prepared For Braces?

So, you got the long awaited news that you (as well as your kiddo) probably thoroughly dreaded: your little one is in need of braces to straighten up their teeth. While this isn’t an exciting prospect for the kid (and probably not for your bank account, either), it is definitely something that is necessary.

In a matter of time and with some care, your kid will be able to smile wide and enjoy their nice, straight teeth! For now, though, they will probably not be the biggest fan of their braces. Don’t worry, most kids get used to their braces with a little bit of time and adaptation.

Are you planning a visit to an orthodontist near me orange ca to get the ball rolling on your child’s new braces? While you and your kiddo may not be looking forward to this big new change, there are a least a few easy things you can do for them to make the transition a little easier.

Keep These Things in Mind After Getting Braces

After your child has his or her braces put on, their mouth is going to be quite sore for a little bit. Keep this in mind when preparing dinners and planning other things. Here are a few things that may be able to help as your child gets used to their new braces.

·    Keep soft foods around. Soft foods are a boon for anyone who is dealing with getting used to new braces on their teeth. Things like potatoes, pudding, bread, soup, and other soft foods are a great way to still be able to eat without bothering your teeth too much.

·    Cold stuff feels great with new braces. People dealing with tooth pain will often use something cold to help address the issue. This approach works equally well with braces. Keep some ice cream and a few ice packs around to use if needed.

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These are a few simple things you can have on hand at home to help out with the pain and discomfort that often accompanies getting used to new braces. While your kiddo will be used to them eventually, the first few days or weeks will not be the most fun for them and helping them be a little more comfortable can be a great way to help them get used to their new braces without much fuss.